Best Children Indoor Games to Be Physically Fit

It is important for children to be safe during this COVID-19 crisis. But it is also important to keep them physically fit while staying indoors. Below are some easy to do exercises to keep them physically fit while staying indoors-

Skipping Rope – This very intense and easy to do exercise requires absolutely very little effort and can be done in a very limited space.

Jumping Jacks – An exercise that helps you utilize both your hands and legs in a very limited space so that every muscle gets used. A very good exercise for children.

Bear Walk and Frog Jumps – These intense exercises are very fun for children as you can make them do it whilst giving them the intensive of imitating children.

Pushover parents – Plant your feet and see if the kids can budge you. If you move your feet, they win. Stand on one foot to make it easier for little kids.

Dance Party – The most simple and fun exercise. Play a very intense and fast song, dance with your children, and let them see dance and exercise.

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